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Big Island Hilo Hawaii is often overlooked by tourists bent on getting to the National Volcanoes National Park to walk steaming fields and dodge glowing molten lava. Yet, Hilo, the island state’s second largest city, has more than its own share of attractions. This is a place where you are likely to hear whole conversations conducted in Hawaiian, as this is the one place where you are immersed in Hawaiian from play school to PhD.
Located on the windward side, Big Island Hilo Hawaii is one of the wettest towns in the world with 129 inches of annual rainfall. Its vegetation is lush and the weather is humid, except in the winter months. As the locals say, “if you wait for a nice day, you’ll never get anything done.” An average day is sun in the morning, some clouds in the afternoon and rain either in the evenings or the mornings a few times a week. Big Island Hilo Hawaii1


Hilo Farmer's Market

This does not deter the locals who appreciate how the rains keep the temperatures slightly cool and the vegetation green. Not surprisingly, one of the most popular events is the 20-year old Hilo Farmers” Market where locals come from all over the island for fresh, top-quality island produce.

Covered stalls sell mangoes, star fruit, papayas, Chinese cabbage, leaf lettuce, avocados, tomatoes, liliko’i, organic vegetables as well as food such as bento boxes of rice and Spam musubi and fresh coconuts cut with a machete for its juice. Crafts and clothing are sold at the farmers” markets in Big Island Hilo Hawaii, including the must-have t-shirts and flip-flops, beach sarongs, puka shell anklets and leaf baskets.

You will just never know whom you might walk into in the farmer’s market – well-known Hawaiian film star, Jason Scott Lee, lives off the grid on a sustainable taro farm on the slopes of Mauna Loa. When he is not filming, the film star is tending to his taro patches, while “living pono” in compliance with the traditional values of respect for ancestors, community and the land.


Big Island Hilo Hawaii 3

Ken's House of Pancakes

Having been overlooked for so many years, Big Island Hilo Hawaii is drawing some attention for its well-preserved historical character and its reputation as being the “most Hawaiian” of places in Hawaii. In keeping with its unique personality, Hilo is one of the few places to have a 24-hour joint, this one a much loved local icon called Ken’s House of Pancakes. It is reputed to serve the best breakfasts in town, and some believe, in all of Hawaii.

Giant-sized, fluffy omelets made with four or five eggs, corn beef hash served with coconut or liliko’i syrup, eggs with lup cheong or Chinese sausage, and spaghetti and kalua pig draw crowds all day at all night. A typical diner with plastic-covered booths and a 6-page menu, it is especially crowded at breakfast and its all-you-can-eat specials on Wednesday and Saturday have been known to fell even those with sumo wrestler-sized appetites. Big Island Hilo Hawaii

Hilo Coffee Mill

If you are a coffee lover, do not overlook the Hilo Coffee Mill, which sells fresh coffee, expresso as well as bags of beans. The roaster next door is open to inquiring minds and tours of the coffee plantation are sometimes available. Committed to promoting East Hawaii coffee plantations, it offers free samples of coffee and treats the beverage as reverentially as wine lovers do good wine.
Do not let slow island pace in Big Island Hilo Hawaii deceive you. This town will reveal its quirky and charming side, only if you give it the time to do so.
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